Sweet summer fruit

No I’m not gonna blog about delicious apricots or juicy oranges. We do have two orange trees in our backyard. They don’t have fruit in the summer though. Do you like tangerines? They are smaller than an orange and bit tangier. They are also easier to peel.

Well here is one of my favorite pieces. It’s a Tangerine Aura crystal point.

The length of the crystal is a healthy 2″. Lots of clusters and inclusions in this pretty crystal. The chain on this piece is 14 1/2″ extends to 16 1/2.

I enjoy working with wire and these gorgeous crystal points. I find it easier to wire wrap crystals points than it is wire wrap stones. Tangerine Aura energies are powerful and extremely active. It activates and cleanses the solar plexus, releasing old emotional trauma and hurt.

At a spiritual level, Tangerine Aura is expansive and protective. It relieves constipation on all levels and releases toxins.

I want to wear this everyday with my crisp white shirt and jeans. Or even with a no sleeve summertime dress. You know what I’m talking about. House of Raquel healing crystal jewelry look your prettiest and feel fantastic! Look for it on my website http://www.houseofraquel.com soon.

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