My clear quartz crystal bracelet.

Today I was all alone. I felt wonderful because I got to spend it at home. I did a little work on this new blog at wordpress. I moved in quite nicely, transferring blog links from my other two blogs. If you’re not on mine and would like to trade links let me know.:) I added a facebook widget and a live traffic widget.

Then I was hungry and got dressed (yea I was still in my pjs till around 12:30pm). I grabbed my new book written by Denise Lescano, The Messenger and drove to my favorite chinese restaurant, The Luping. I ordered and while I waited I read my new book.

When I got home with my lunch I watched a few recorded tv shows, Grey’s Anatomy and The Practice. After lunch I went over to my jewelry table and made a 3 clear quartz crystal bracelet.

How many photos are to many to post? I take quite a few shots of one piece to show my customers what the jewelry piece looks like cause it’s hard to purchase jewelry on a website.

I have just one more and I want you tell me if you can see any faces in the crystal okay? I feel so warm and fuzzy working with crystals. I can not see this face with the naked eye. I’ve looked and looked and had Danny even look too. Do you have any crystals

with faces in them? Enjoy !

4 thoughts on “My clear quartz crystal bracelet.

  1. sounds like a lovely day…. 🙂
    i cannot see a face…but perhaps we see what our Soul is needing to see…for i see peace and tranquility 🙂
    mmm you ask how many pics is too much?
    i wish i knew. i can not photograph well.
    my beloved takes my GOOD blog shots.
    if they are bad shots, they are mine.
    when i have bad shots…i post only a few.
    his work is so good sometimes i only need one…but i try to have two or three.
    i think, just my opinion, that these are our blogs and we should do as we feel led at the moment 🙂
    i have never thought to myself you had too many pictures of your work 🙂
    have a great Sunday R 🙂

  2. Nope, no faces…but I did see a creation of beauty! I like your new pieces a lot! 🙂
    I always take mass quantities of photos…so that I can compare each one to the other. Sometimes you see different things in different photos. It’s your baby ….your choice!

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