Spirit Development Class – 2

It’s Tuesday after work and I’m excited that tonight I have my 2nd spirit development class. When I get home I see my son’s car parked in the driveway. Normally that makes me happy, but tonight I really wish no one was home. I like having a quiet house while I’m online for this class. I’ve told my husband when I left in the morning to remind him.  I’m online when he gets home.

I eat my dinner and wait patiently for 7pm to get here. I let both my son’s know that I’m in an online class tonight and I would appreciate for them to leave me alone and to be quiet.

7pm gets here and I log into the class. We chatted about our day, the week, our dreams. We did an exercise where we had to write down 3 secrets in one column, positive affirmations for the secrets in the next column and negative affirmations about the secret. Wow that was difficult. You could choose whether to tell the class what your secret was or not. We do a clear chakra breathing meditation. Which led into a “secret” meditation. In this meditation I flew with my higher self to a blue mountain that looked like it was filled with the bluest of blue water. In the center was a doorway. Once inside it looked like being inside a clear quartz crystal with rainbows, prisms and facets. We were led next to go down and a slide appeared. What a ride. Once the ride was over I’m led into a room where I see a troll. Somehow this troll represents my secrets and I disconnect the cords that connect us. I am led into another room where I see a boy that turns into a man that turns into a male angel. I’m so sorry I can’t remember the rest of the meditation. I think it’s because my son came into the room and was fiddling around with the game system under the television. My husband was running the kitchen faucet and opening the refrigerator.

After the meditation we discuss what we experienced. It’s very refreshing to hear the explanations for the experience. Also to hear another class mate’s experience.

After the class I went to sleep and woke up an hour later. My left arm ached as if I had been sleeping on it for the entire night. I was unable to fall back asleep. I saw 2am and then I was woken up by the alarm going off at 5am.

The next morning I was walking around without my head. I felt disconnected but as the morning progressed I began to feel better.

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