Spirit Development class

Since October 2006 I’ve wanted to belong to a spirit development class. All the folks that I met at the Omega Institute in New York for an advanced mediumship class were meeting on a weekly basis. http://eomega.org/ I would hear about it and always felt left out. Could someone do one online was always in the back of my mind. Finallllllly my thoughts had been answered.

Photo taken at Rhinebeck campus on the way to the cafeteria one morning.

I left work last evening and stopped to pick up dinner for my son and me. I was excited about my spiritual development class at 7:00pm. I didn’t tell either son about it, although my husband knew. When I arrived home no one was there awwh I was secretly relieved and thanked my spirit guide Jade.

I ate my dinner while watching the Young and the Restless. I’m hooked!

I lit candles and pulled the cushion over to my jewelry corner so I could put my feet up while I was in class. I made sure I could log into the class online. At 6:56pm, I dialed in. I had my iphone earplugs with speaker in my ears and Blythe greeted me.

Did I say this was an online spiritual development class being held on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 10pm for 10 weeks for only $300.00?
There was one other student in the class so boy are we getting our monies worth!

We introduced ourselves and then the 1st exercise was sending and receiving a shape. (circle, square, star or triangle)
2nd exercise was sending and receiving an object attached to an emotion with no preset objects or emotions.

We then did a meditation where Blythe cleared our chakras and grounded us. During this I felt my body needing to wiggle as the crown chakra showered my entire body.
She then preceded to guide us into a meditation where me met our “self doubt”, “inner child” and our “higher self”. I had never did a meditation before where what you see and receive during a meditation will have meaning to your spiritual and human “needs”. I met my higher self and I looked like a light being with slanted eyes and two little nose holes and no mouth! I gave myself a clear quartz crystal too!

As always with guided meditations I never want to come out of it. I slept lightly last night because I wanted to remember my dreams so I could write them down and bring them to class next Tuesday. I forgot them but I remembered a few words so I wrote them down.

I want to share my class in this blog. Not only for those of you that read it, but so I have a journal. I am always evolving as a spirit and a human being. In love and light!

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