Metaphysical Jewelry

Good morning. I wanted to write about what’s going on with House of Raquel jewelry hmmm maybe I’m on the wrong blog page. I’ve incorporated my jewelry designs to the other side of me. I am thinking about canceling my House of Raquel blog and just have this one.
The metaphysical jewelry is attracting people’s eye. I didn’t know that the night I was meeting a new friend (Jac) at Mystic store in Walnut Creek that my jewelry designs were going to change. While we were checking out all the cool stuff they offered I purchased one of their 3 aqua aura crystals that caught my eye. I also purchased some “abundance” candles. I liked the way they smelled. 🙂
After creating that piece

and posting it to my fan page on facebook it attracted people’s eye. When I posted it I wrote that this one was mine but I would be making more. My friend Jac bought the second piece. When I went back to the Mystic store to buy the last one it was gone. So I’ve located a few on the internet. I’m waiting impatiently for those to arrive.

The next morning while eating my oatmeal and checking into facebook. I saw Denise mention she was on twitter and to follow her. I was already a fan. But I hadn’t follow her on twitter. I prefer FB to twitter. I don’t use twitter much, do you? While driving to work Jade (my spirit guide) told me to connect to Denise on twitter. So I did. I saw she was selling her book and purchased it. She was sending me messages that she loved my pieces and asked me if I would be interesting in her carrying my line on her website. I was overwhelmed and high as the sky.

We talked that evening on my way home from work. I pulled my car over. I explained to her that my line was new and I didn’t have many pieces – NONE was more like it. That was okay with her cause the page for it wasn’t ready yet and that it would be about 2 weeks.
Ok so look forward to that happening in a few weeks. She also has a new book coming out about the same time.

The Messenger by Denise Lescano – Excellent! A page turner as Denise Lescano takes us through her life—love, heartache, doubt, hope and everything in between. Only to realize later that her many antagonists and challenges were also her greatest teachers. She is a gifted psychic medium with a story that will warm your soul.

Josie Varga
Author, Visits From Heaven

I’ve purchased mine and I can’t wait to receive a signed copy . Coincidentally (I don’t believe in coincidences) she is a friend of my friend Rachel. I am blessed. Rachel had suggested to become a fan of Denise’s a while ago.

As I design these pieces my abundance candles are burning. hmmmm I am also infusing them with healing reiki energy. Denise’s assistant was going to do it but when I told her I was a Reiki II practictioner, she told me I could do it. She had attuned my friend Rachel and guess what Rachel attuned me to Reiki II a few years back. hmmmm

My intention was to get them on my website and eventually I will, but in the meantime I am taking orders for all my fans if you would like to order a piece. Just know that I have to fill my order to Denise first. I would gladly add you to my waiting list.

I am open to what the universe wants to give me. I am filled with gratitude and love.

2 thoughts on “Metaphysical Jewelry

  1. Your work is beautiful and unique. And it feels like you capture the energy of each stone with the adornment. I love it!! Wishing you tons of success and abundance! 🙂

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