Indians are circling

Indians are circling the bed and I can’t sleep.

One weekend we spent the night at my Husband’s cousin house. We slept in her spare bedroom. I was totally unaware of any spirit activity in her house. She never mentioned it. I can’t recall if we had ever talked about paranormal activity.

This particular night after enjoying a wonderful day in the sun, bbq and hot tub. We went to bed. My husband falls fast asleep. I’m anxious to sleep but I keep having to get up and go to the bathroom. Finally I doze off and am awaken by a tribe of Indians circling the bed. I know you’re thinking I’m a nut job! I’m awake and I have to go pee once again. So I ask them (mentally) if it is ok to walk through their circle to go to the bathroom. For some unexplained reason I’m not afraid. In the distance I can hear their drums beating. Certainly is strange! (This February I was told by psychic Sylvia Browne that I was a Shaman in a previous life. A whole other story to post at a later time.)

The next morning I couldn’t wait to chat with her. She did in fact know that there were spirits in her spare bedroom. Her daughter in law had sensed them. She didn’t know if I would, YES!! and I didn’t like it. She also recalled once she slept in their and felt a heavy presence on her chest and it made it hard for her to get up out of the bed. Now I’ve heard that happening alot.

Needless to say we never slept overnight in her house again. Last time we went for a visit that room was more of a storage room. Great idea!

Now this may sound like I’ve lost all my marbles and then some. But I just want to share stories of my experiences before it dawned on me that I grew up to be one of those people and you can too!

I’m sure that you have stories and you thought it was your imagination, well guess what it might NOT have been. We’re all born with this gift. Many of us lose it as a child. Some of us have stronger degrees of it then others. Yes you can get it back.

Stay tuned.

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