Reshot designs

I was about to add my new designs to my website when I saw the photos on my website. OH NO! I must do something about these awful photos. I can’t post my new photos when the photos on there were UGLY.

So yesterday I worked on reshooting and uploading the new photos to my website. OK I like it alot better.

I shoot the jewelry. I usually take about 3 to 4 photos of each design. I upload them to my computer using the mac can program iphoto. I edit the ones I want to use for my website in a square size for my website. Then I upload each one to photoshop to reduce the pixel size from 3000 to 400. Next step I reduce the jpeg size to under 100kb for my website. While in photoshop I will also remove any visible fish wire. I love photoshop. Then I save the photo with the item number that I assigned it.
E040916 (56kb)

E040924 (98.24kb)

E040928 (96kb)

E040943 (82kb)



E040935 (79kb)

E040945 (79kb)

E040949 (86kb)

There is still more to reshoot so I’ll be doing that today too.

Ok so I go into my website admin site and one by one bring up the item and edit the photo with the new picture. I used Solutions Cart, its easy to add product and change products from earrings to sale page etc. I accept paypal, visa, mastercard also.

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