Help Becky


A very sweet wonderful friend of mine needs your help to pay for her beautiful dog Walker’s surgery. Won’t you find it in your heart to help her.

Anyone that orders from Country Keepsakes between Tuesday and the 30th are entered into a drawing for the necklace/earrings from Finders Keepers..
.and it is 15% off using code walker…when placing your order at

See Walker was the last of the litter -he didn’t have a “home” and I walked in one day and Ethan (then 13) was sitting on the couch and I over heard him say- “well buddy, maybe you can be my dog and we could be great friends…” and well..the rest is history. Ethan named him Walker…and Walker was like over 50 pounds more like 60…then I guess he got sick before we realized it as he was down to 44…but today he was 48…Walker likes to lay “on” Ethan…or be on his lap…I couldn’t ask for a better dog-and we have 5 altogether-well Walker’s Mom is Aaron’s, her name is Lacey…

Walker had ate a corn cob-we think it was dragged into the “dog” yard by a squirrel or raccoon…and a piece of it got lodged in his intestines…which bruised it-then it traveled and got lodged again-luckily it didn’t give cause for the vet to have to get rid of any of his intestines…so a note to all make sure your pet does not get a hold of any corn on the cob!
Oh and Walker is a little over 1 1/2 years old.