Kona Collection – Summer 2009

I have been inspired by the beautiful Kona Coast in Hawaii. I was able to shop for beads and semi precious stones while vacationing in Hawaii.
Every night after work and on the weekend (today) I’ve been busy creating. Well today actually my son, Larry and I went to breakfast at Legends. Nice restaurant at the golf course. (He suggested) Then I wanted to visit my Mother to take her a Kona T shirt. She was surprised. After which we stopped in Pleasant Hill to see the movie, Angels and Demons. I loved it.
Then the fun part in 95 degree weather I parked in a covered parking garage and walked to the bead store with less than an hour to shop. I always leave it to Saturday afternoon to go the my favorite bead store in Walnut Creek, so I have time to shop. But time just flew by.
I just finished one of my summer pieces which is already sold and wanted to share it. I put it on and grabbed my camera. 🙂 It’s me.

2 thoughts on “Kona Collection – Summer 2009

  1. Gorgeous!(and lovely necklace too)!…Ah Ms R, you have wowed once again, it is marvelous that you have been inspired to create. I am sure that your ALOHA trip had something to do with that! I am so very glad that you were able to go…and that you are revived and renewed!

  2. It’s pretty. I can’t wait to see more creations. After vacationing in such a beautiful spot, I bet you are bursting with ideas.I am glad you enjoyed yourself.Now, GET BACK TO WORK!heeheehee

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