I had a busy weekend.

I’ve had a busy weekend. Friday after work, I stopped to get my hair cut. Saturday I went to my very good friend’s house for an hour to welcome her home from Hawaii. It was a surprise party.

Then I had a jewelry show at my cousin’s house. I had a wonderful time mingling with new customers. Hopefully a few of them will commit to having a show during the summer time as we talked about.
Today I went to visit my Mom. Then Danny took me out to dinner. Now we’re home watching Twilight. I’ve seen it already. But it was such a good movie I could see it over and over again.

Photos of my Jewelry show.

I always put my current designs on the main table when doing home shows. I usually set up 4 other tables along with the main table depending on how much space is available.

I was only able to set up 3 other tables. So my jewelry was a bit crowded. People were happily surprised to see how much was available. The photo below was one of the 3 bracelets I recently offered in a giveaway. It sold!

Not many people enjoy having their pictures taken but a few of my customers allowed me to shoot their picture as they wore their recent purchases. A 17 year old girl purchased this bracelet. I’m glad that my House of Raquel designs appeals to the young also.

At my house parties I have baskets sitting on the first table for the customers to walk around and put their items into. Many don’t grab them until after browsing the tables. My sister or I will always keep an eye on them and then when they are ready we’ll get it for them. Inside each basket is a card for them to fill out name, address and email. I will later take their wrist and neck measurements and write it down on the back of their card. I will also give them a 10% discount the next time they are at one of my shows. I will write it down on the card at the next show.

I like to do a raffle at my house parties. So I asked the hostess to choose a necklace from the table for a giveaway. The winner allowed me to take her photo without her face. That’s usually the way it is. No one likes their picture taken.

My customers are my best form of advertising. I am grateful to the hostesses who opened their home to House of Raquel

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