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Welcome VGNO’s!! I’m still at work but wanted to get a head start. After work I have to go get my hair cut. But I promise to visit everyone’s blog this evening at some point. What is VGNO check it out, click here Don’t forget to meet Beth too!

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Some of you know her and I met her on a social network over a year ago. We are no longer members of that social network, but we have kept in touch with one another. She was the one who got me started with interviewing others. She gave me my first one and I thought that it was really nice and I really appreciated her for doing that. I didn’t want to copy her but thought I could do that and wondered how. That’s when I came up with Jewelry Tuesday.
But I’ve met so many amazing business women doing more than just jewelry so I wanted to interview them also. Her is Beth Anderson from Chic Galleria.

1. Where in the world do you live?
I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have lived in Ann Arbor, MI, Washington, DC, Greenwich, CT, Salt Lake City, UT, Dallas, TX and Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
2. What do you do for a living?
I am the Founder,Co-Owner and Editor-In-Chief of Chic Galleria Publications.

3. Do you have a business?
see above

4. Website?

5. What has been your biggest accomplishment?

I feel like my biggest accomplishment is running my own successful business. After a few hiccups with other businesses and many lessons learned along the way, Chic Galleria Publications has grown beyond my wildest dreams. We have 24 Editors from Australia, Malaysia, England and the US, a fantastic web designer, and my son, Co-Owner, is a fantastic PR person. Our articles have been published in major syndications and across the web. I am very blessed.

6. What advice would you give other working women with a side business?
It’s hard for me to give advice about working a “side” business. Chic Galleria Publications is a full time job. I usually work from 6:00 am until after midnight.
Several things I have learned along the way:
1. Do it because you LOVE it, not because you want to make money.
2. Trust yourself and your heart. People will try to take advantage of you, it’s the nature of the beast. Always be aware and safeguard everything you do.
3. Spend the money for a good web designer. First impressions are the most important aspect of a website. Also, hire a good business coach. Both are expensive, but 100% worth the money.
4. Always be professional and not emotional when dealing with clients, customers and other businesses.
5. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

7. What is your favorite music?
Funny you should ask that! My life is constantly surrounded by music. At work, home and in the car. A quiet room drives me crazy! I love Classical, Jazz and Big Band. My favorite music is from Duran Duran, the Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer. So far this year I have concert tickets to U2, the Dave Matthews Band, Jonas Brothers (my daughter’s favorite) and David Cook.

Thanks sweetie for taking the time to interview me! We have known each other for such awhile and I’m a huge fan of your jewelry!

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