Do you hear your inner voice?

And can you tell the difference your inner voice and that of “Spirit”? It takes practice but if you really want too you can learn the difference. Practice being quiet. A good way is turning off your radio while you are driving alone in your car. Pay attention to your thoughts. Oh and if anyone that has past pops into your head out of the blue, say hello. They are popping in for a visit. Wonder how often that happens to you?

My life has taken me from being afraid of my ability to “see” and just allowing myself to “see”.

I really would like to “see” like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character on Ghost Whisperer, but I don’t. I see “light silouettes” I hear my spirit guide, but only when I am quiet. I “feel” energy with my all my senses and my hands especially.

I get disappointed when I get it wrong but I don’t let it ruin my day. I get surprise excited when I get it right oh boy!! I love the validations. Even if it takes a few months to come to pass. When people come back to me for my “sight” I love it even more.

We all have the ability to tap into our psychic – ness.

2 thoughts on “Do you hear your inner voice?

  1. It’s always such a surprise to get the opportunity to catch up with everyone. Today I got a bonus with you. Two. You had two postings. YES! I loved the one about your husband working at the cemetery. I’m not sure I could — NO, I know I could not do that. For that reason I’m terribly grateful for people like your husband. Our cemetery never “locks up.” But we live in a small town. I’ve never noticed people visit in the cemetery at night unless it’s for a particular event, like “Lights of Love” put on by the Century Club, the club that makes the cemetery look so super nice all the time and maintains all the maple trees. Sorry this is so long but bear with me. Now I have to comment on your latest blog. You know, I try really hard to listen for the voice of my spirit guide. In a dream one time I saw a man following behind me as I climbed the stairs in my house. He said his name was Richard and he would not harm me. He didn’t actually speak, but I heard him anyway. This was, like I said, in a dream. But now I wonder…

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