Jewelry Tuesday – Lexi Butler, Beaded Jewels

What inspired you to start creating jewelry?
I still can remember it was in germany, when I was just four year old I use to sit beside my dad and watch him design and make jewelry. I think I knew then that this is what I wanted to do to one day. Many years later I completed an apprenticeship and was certified in my fathers company as journeyman by trade in goldsmith and design. I worked with him for ten years, but in other companies as well. When Motherhood came into the picture in 1994, I decided that this would be a new chapter in my life and I left the work force behind. In 1996 I left Germany with my husband and 14 mo. year old son five suitcases and immigrated to the beautiful state of Montana. I decided then I wanted to stay home and nurture my son and daughter who was born in 1998.

How long have you been making money selling your jewelry designs?
I guess it was meant to happen, because believe or not my passion to design jewelry was again inflamed through a gift card to Michaels that was given to me by my husband on Valentines Day of 2004. I had $200 to spend. At the time i did a lot of sewing, in fact I had made all my children’s clothing except for underwear and socks. I had a lot of sewing material in my little hobby room.

In Michaels, I did not know what to get. one thing for sure was i did not want to get anything that had to do with sewing. So I prayed and believing in the power of prayer, I found myself in the beading section of Michaels. I looked through books and looked and beads and wham. Thats how it got started. After I read the books I started making simple designs of jewelry. I believe Ladybug chokers were the first thing I made.

The same year I started selling my creations on the craft markets here in Montana..With hard work and determination Beaded Jewels website was officially launched in 2008 with

Is jewelry designing your only business? Besides designing and handcrafting all beaded jewelry for Beaded Jewels I also create and maintain the website for Beaded Jewels.

Do you ever get in a slump in your creativity? That is so funny, because when i get in a slump that is when I am most creative.

What do you do to get out of it?
I am original Artist and Designer for an exquisite line of handcrafted jewelry, each piece inspired with great passion and love. I take great pride in presenting handcrafted, high quality, sophisticated pieces at very reasonable prices. No two pieces are alike, many variations in style, from subtle to the richest of colors – from simple to complex design. Just I use to design my fathers jewelry line, I now design and handcraft my own Beaded Jewels Designs, with the flair of extravagance and uniqueness.
How do you sell your designs?Beaded Jewels designs can be bought on craftshows in Montana, on several online storefronts, and on my website.
Beaded Jewels Designs can be bought directly here:
Do you have a blog? Yes/No
Yes >>>>
Beaded Jewels – Unique – Designed – Handcrafted – Beaded Jewelry
Do you have a website? Yes/NoYes >>>>

Where do you advertise other than your website and blog? Social Networks, Online Chats, link exchanges,

What are your future plans?I want Beaded Jewels to become a business that is widely know for the quality and uniqueness in designs There are many jewelry designers out there how do you feel that your jewelry is “special” ?I often find when I look at other jewelry that my designs stand apart from others in craftsmanship as well as in the unparalleled beauty in design , whether is it made for teens, children or woman or accessories

What advise would you like to share with other jewelry
Follow your passion

With any purchase $30 or higher made from or any other store where Beaded Jewels Designs are sold you will receive a free beautiful 3-piece brocade gift pouch set with zipper and snap.
Furthermore, all jewelry bought in sets are automatically 10% off.

Enter to win! Winner will be chosen Sunday, April 26 at 6:30pacific time.

Raquel, I wanted to thank you again for this opportunity. Being german, we write differently, I hope its not too confusing, because to me it makes prefectly sense how I write. if you have any questions, please don/t hesitate to ask. …Lexi Butler

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