The Cinnamon Bun Winner is

The Cinnamon Bun winner is Hit40. Gena will contact you to arrange delivery your the yummie buns. I hope that you enjoy them.

Next Friday I will have another interview. I could tell you who it is, but I’d rather let it be a surprise. Many of you know her. She’s fabulous.

Are you on Facebook? Yes I’m on Facebook and I’m on twitter. I’m a member of the Facebook Networked Blogs. I even have a fan page on Facebook for House of Raquel. I upload jewelry pics to the my facebook page. OOps I need to post them to my Fan Page or is it my Blog page. Or what about my Web page, Etsy.
I am curious if you have to be a facebook friend in order to be a fan? Check it out? Do you have a Fan page? Let me know.

Here are a few of the designs I created this week. I’m getting ready for a show next weekend. The Hostess loves RED and I like to deliver.

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