Meet Gena

Gena was my bracelet winner and we have become cyberspace friends. My bracelet arrived broken and she was the best and will send it back. I asked her if I could interview her and she agreed.

Where in the world do you live? I live in Jonesboro, AR

What kind of a business do you own?
I have a home-based candle business, Serene Moments. I am an independent distributor for Scent-Sations, Inc., an all natural (vegetable and soy waxes), gourmet candle, bath and body, and, coming soon (hopefully in May) mineral makeup, business.

What are the ups of owning your own business? The freedom is really nice. Being your own boss and knowing that you can be as successful, literally, as You want to be. With my business, it is also that look people get when they first smell my candles! I can remember how I felt that first time. I was hooked, immediately! We playfully call this a “Smell and Sell” business.These products practically sell themselves.
I searched for companies for a while before choosing Scent-Sations, Inc. There are so many “businesses” out there that, basically, just want your money. The get-rich-quick companies that take your money but you never seem to make any.
I can sponsor you into the company through the Candle of the Month program for $40 a month, plus tax, and the products you receive are products you sell. So, how could you go wrong?!
You don’t get that with Scent-Sations, Inc. They are a legitimate company that wants you to succeed. They want you to be as successful as you want to be and, if you were to look at the program and the profitability of it, there is absolutely, no way you could think any different.
Remember, if you are successful, so is the company! If you are looking at a company that does not have this mentality, do you really want to be a part of it?

Are there any downs?
Yes. As with any business, you can not expect to do well unless you are committed to the business and WANT to do well. I truly believe that ANYONE can be successful at ANYTHING if they are willing to put in the time and energy required.
Must admit, it is easy to use up your products, instead of selling them. You will understand once you smell them.

Could you give other women advice on doing business in today’s economy? I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is starting a business and expecting to be successful within days. If that happens to anyone, WooHoo to them, but it is not realistic. You must be willing to put time, effort and, yes, money, into your business and then, WAIT. It will come! Keep pushing forward! You may here “NO” hundreds of times, but all it takes is one “YES” and it will pick you up and push you through.
Pick a business you believe in, selling products or services that you use and “know”. The most successful people are those doing WHAT THEY LOVE. Ask yourself, “how long would I stay ‘here’ if I don’t like what I’m doing'”. Very important! Chances are, with your own business especially, you will not stick to it if you don’t like it and believe in it.
Keep it simple! There’s always room for expansion or upgrading later. You don’t have to do it all at one time.
Get a support group! With Scent-Sations, Inc., we have company sponsors that “mentor” us and help us along the way. Again, your success is their success. The company holds seminars, webinars, meetings and “get togethers” and no matter which “team” you’re on, every member of Scent-Sations, Inc., top dog to little guy, wants to help you and show you the way. Why? Because every one of us believes in the company and what we are doing.

Don’t worry! It will happen. If you want it, believe in it and put forth your time and effort, you will SUCCEED!

Do you have a website, name? My personal wesite is SERENE MOMENTS:

Do you have a blog, name? I have three blogs: Relax and Enjoy all your Serene Moments
Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! and Visions of Life: A Journey Towards Health and Wealth

I would like to add that you can contact me through my website or blogs and through a toll free service on the web:

What kind of music do you listen too? Ok just thought I would throw it in. 🙂 Oh, trying to throw me for a loop, huh? HeeHee I generally listen to country music, but can listen to most anything. I’m pretty flexible, however, I do like to be able to hear the lyrics.

I want to Thank You, Ms. Raquel, for taking your time to contact me and listen to my ramblings. This is the kind of “Suppport Service” I am talking about!

Gena is giving away the buns. So leave her a comment filled with something yummie. Winner will be chosen on Sunday at 6:30pm pacific time.

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