Becky Willis – Country Keepsakes

Please continue to leave a comment for Jewelry Tuesday giveaway by Creations by Toni. A winner will be chosen on Easter Sunday at 6:30pm Pacific Time. I’d like you all to meet a friend of mine, Becky Willis. We met on one of the social networks about a year ago.

1.Where in the world do you live? I live in the world of Watkins Glen NY, a beautiful tourist town, home of Nascar & Wineries.

2.What kind of a business do you own? I actually have 4 businesses-2 are my main and the other 2 I am building slowly but surely.
Country Keepsakes-Retail online country store where I offer over 130 scents to choose from in 3 jar sizes, melts, pillars, and “fake food”. It has been around for just about 7 years (previously owned by my sister).
Country Keepsakes Wholesale-I supply many stores in different states including quite a few in New York State. I also have sent orders to Puerto Rico, Canada & Australia. I offer just about 140 different scents, melts, pillars, wax food, potpourri, lotion & soap.
The Homestead Register is a low cost advertising site for those wanting to get their name out there. I offer home page ads and category ads.
Just opening is Stone Alley Hosting-here I offer a variety of hosting packages, and DIY (do-it-yourself) Shoppes. It is affordable, and I try to help where I can in getting my clients set up and offer help in things that I have learned over the years.

3.What are the ups of owning your own business? I have a lot of “ups” of owning all of my businesses. I enjoy providing a quality product that I, myself would offer to my own customers. I believe in friendly service, and being attentive in all I do. I like the feeling of helping someone be able to offer products through their businesses with no minimums, which helps the new business owner get off the ground. If I wouldn’t sell it-I don’t sell it to others. I like when I make a candle-that it smells just like it says it will from start to finish. I have been pouring candles for about 7 years so I feel that I am quite “seasoned” and capable.

4. Are there any downs? Downs? Oh I think everyone has them. Mine are mostly the stress when things get super busy of making sure that the orders go out in a timely fashion. You wouldn’t think doing something that you enjoy would cause stress-but I put a high expectation on myself and believe in a strong work ethic which I feel I got from my father.Also when things are slow-which they are at times I get stressed but I have enough going on now that there is hardly time for “slowness”.

5. Could you give other women advice on doing business in today’s economy? Advice…hmmm…I would have to say if you are thinking of going into business for yourself plan on it for the long haul. I see too many people start a business and expect to be “rich” overnight. Now mind you there are those out there that have accomplished that-but you probably don’t hear how they labored for years for it to take off. If you work on your business everyday and treat it as a business you will succeed. Learn to collaborate with others in your niche to learn as much as you can. If they aren’t willing to share-you should find someone else. Someone that is afraid to “share” isn’t confident in what they are selling. I keep saying be the “lion” in your business as the sheep will eventually go to other pastures OR you will end up “eating them up”…either way you will conquer if you don’t give up.

6.Do you have a website, name? web sites mentioned above…lol

7. Do you have a blog, name?Blog- This is not only about my business, but things happening in my life that I don’t mind sharing. If you would like to be added-just comment on one of my posts and include your blog URL.

8. What kind of music do you listen too? Music?…lol Mostly Country I listen to QCountry 103.7 which you can find on the web if you aren’t in the area and you can listen to them also. The Dj’s are fun to listen to and it helps me to keep working! I also do enjoy some other types but Country is what my main interest is.

Give away- $20 Gift Certificate to Country Keepsakes, Homepage ad at the Homestead Register for 1 year ($20 value).
(Country Keepsakes gift certificate only includes shipping if the total with shipping does not go over the $20.)

Country Keepsakes Online-Handpoured Soybean Primitive Candles, Potpourri and More!
Source: http://www.cntrykeepsakes.c…
Your source for quality Retailand Wholesale merchandise, made here in the USA.When looking for your country staples, look no further. We have handpoured soybean candles, tarts, votives, grubby pillars and electric lights. …

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