When I first


When I first started writing on blogs it was for my jewelry business. By the way it is my passion and not making enough money to make a living. I work for a living as a accountant for a Investment/Real Estate business.

I never shared the other side of me with the other members of the social networks I am a member of, until one evening a few of us were chatting and it came out. A few encouraged me to do it. Well that was a year ago.

I’m glad that I did.

Some of you may not be ready to open up to your other side. But one day when you are. This blog will be here with lots of resources available for you to research and investigate. Never take any ones “word for it” on anything. Learn for yourself. Follow your heart. You’ll know what is “true and right” for you. Let no one tell you what is true and right for you.

This is ME. This is the other side of me.