Liz – Craft From My Heart

Ok Liz doesn’t create jewelry, but her creativity inspires me. Her blog is one of my favorite. I always look forward to see what she has created next. Meet her and check out her website and all the crafty creations from her heart to yours.

Where in the world do you live? I live in Massachusetts in the USA

What do you do for a living?
I have been a WAHM for about twenty two years in which I paint and create different items to sell.

Do you have a business? I own and run “Craft From My Heart” This is an online Shoppe that offers customers hand painted and crafted items.

Do you have a craft room in your house, or a separate studio? I have a craft room for my paints, sewing machine and materials but I usually do all my painting in my kitchen on a large island.

What kinds of crafts do you make? I enjoy painted and sewing for the home and garden decors in styles of.

Americana , Country, Primitive, and Victorian. I also make wreaths, paint on glass and clothing along with dolls, handbags, seasonal / holiday items.

Did you go to school to learn to paint? No I did not go to art school. My dad is an artist, while growing up I learn so much from him. I also taught myself the one stroke method of painting.

What inspires you
? I was inspired by my mom and dad. My mom loved to sew and dad always painted. I also get my inspiration from looking in magazines, and following the decorating trends.

Do you have a website, blog? I own a website “Craft From My Heart” I also have a blog “Craft From My Heart Blog”

which I really enjoy showing my work and sharing painting, crafting tips and techniques.

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