Ghost Whisperer – The TV Show

Do you watch this TV show? I have it as a recorded show so I can enjoy it when I want too. It’s one of my favs. James Van Praagh is a co-executive producer. Who I consider one of my teachers.
This episode talks about how we as children can see ghosts but it goes away as we grow up cause there is no room in our rational mind. How fortunate for some of us to still “see” them. I don’t “see” them like Melinda on the show. Some of my friends don’t understand why? It would scare the crap out of me!!!!that’s why. The children in this epiosode are under ten years old and can see the ghosts that are in their school.

When I was little I thought the ghosts I saw were my brother and he would get in trouble for scaring me. I thought he was in my closet when I went to bed. He would come out of the closet and I would get scared. It was confirmed that it wasn’t him.

I do as an adult, feel spirits presence. But its not like seeing them in person, like Melinda on the Ghost Whisperer. It’s like a lightness or shadow. Have you ever seen a ghost? Is it really possible that when you die, you can wander around the earth plane?

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