Jewelry Tuesday – Joyce from Southfield Designs.

Since we moved up to the Berkshires where nature is all around us, I was inspired by the colors, bugs animals and just about everything around me.I have been selling my jewelry designs for about 3 years.
Yes, jewelry designing is my only business.. I am theoretically retired.I almost never get in a slump in my creativity.. in fact sometimes I wish I could stop coming up with new ideas.What I get out of designing is a feeling of well being and excitement all wrapped up together.
Nope… no blog.
My web site is htpp://
I have taken out ads in my local Bridal Guides, I show my designs at Bridal Event Shows and I donate to many charity auctions.
As far as the future I plan to continue doing Craft Shows and increase the number of stores that carry my designs.
My advice to other jewelry designers is to really enjoy what you are designing and not to get down about the current economy.. it will get better.. the joy is in the designing.
I donate $1.00 from every purchase to Autism Speaks.I am currently, until the end of Feb. running a 10% of any purchase at my web site.. use coupon 209

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