My cats

My babies Hay and Pukie
Hay is the all black baby and his sister Pukie is the one above. I’ve been a cat lover for as long as I can remember. Yes, after I got bit by a dog when I was in the 9th grade. Yep no longer could be close to dogs. I love my cats.

They love to lay on my lap, especially when I am sitting at my design table. Nope I can’t work with them on my lap. Oh yes and I’m back to designing. It’s fun and I love it. So I’m making short earrings. For the longest time I was into creating long earrings. Is it my age, or just something new, hmmm. What do you prefer, long or short?

I’ve had a pair of black and silver short earrings all day long and usually when I get home from work, I’m taking all my jewelry off. But the short earrings are still in my ears. 🙂 So that works for me. I’ll be sharing photos as soon as I get around to taking some photos.
What are you designing? Like to share?

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