Christmas – Happy Holidays

I’m on vacation starting Dec. 19th at 5:01pm. I’ve been sick and fighting it. Haven’t done any christmas shopping, bad huh? I’m sitting on my sofa, covered up with one of my mom’s afghans she crocheted for me and my laptop and I just want to go to my design table and make more jewelry. That is even more awful, huh.

Trunk Show was a lot of fun sold to a few new customers, later in the week received an email from Gina at Tangerine that she wants to sell my jewelry there on consignment. Wow!!!

This coming Tuesday I’m going to my cousin’s work and bringing my jewelry too. She’s been wearing her recent house of raquel designs and has brewed up interest.

Wednesday going to my Mom’s to celebrate the holiday with Mom, brother, sister, nephews.

Christmas morning we go out to breakfast and spend the entire day at the theatre watching all the new releases. We’ve been doing this since my sons grew up on me. Without small children around its not quite the same spending the day at home. You wouldn’t believe how many other people are out and about on the holiday. Many people spend the day at the theatre also.

What are your plans? Whatever they are, I wish you peace in your heart to share with your loved ones. I wish you joy in your heart to heat you up in the cold weather. I wish you love in your heart to open your mind to others who are different.

Happy Holidays

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