House of Raquel – Show 11/16/08

It’s my fifth year that I’ve been invited to return to a customer’s house at this time of year. I’m really excited and I’ve been creating jewelry for a good month in preparation. The invite went out about a week ago on evite. I have been checking everyday to see who’s coming, the maybes and definitely nots. Latest numbers 24 people returning and bringing their friends. Now I’m thinking am I ready?

I’ve got the hostess gift and want to do my best to entice my customers to book a show next year. So I’m offering something really special that they can not purchase :). I know it will create the buzz I want… How do I know? The hostess special ordered this necklace awhile ago and gets so much attention when she wears it.

My sister and good friend will be helping me with setting up my displays and sales. We get there an hour before and I set up the main table with my latest collection. While they will set up the rest of my inventory. I have a very popular basket, I call it my cheap Pete. It gets alot of attention.

No one is allowed to shop until the start time. In the past ladies have gotten there early to get first pick. I provide little baskets for my customers to walk around the tables and leisurely shop. No one dares leave their basket unattended for fear someone will grab what was theirs.

I’m hoping to take a little video to share. Do you want to book a show?

A very good customer, my little basket was too small for her purchases.

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