When a woman has a child she falls in love with her baby the moment she feels life growing inside of her. The moment she holds that child she loves her baby unconditionally. WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS.

As I go through life I struggle with loving others unconditionally. I was tested again last night. If I don’t agree with the way you believe I have a right too. As you have a right to believe.

If I BELIEVE God LOVES me, us all unconditionally. You BELIEVE God loves you with conditions.

If I BELIEVE I live in a world of Love, peace and light. You BELIEVE in a world of right and wrong, war, religion, money, power, hate.

If I BELIEVE in that Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi were all son’s of God. You BELIEVE that Jesus is the SON of God and you must only believe in him.

If I believe you have a right to believe anything you want. Why do you not allow me the same right?

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