Tag you’re IT!

Michelle Harvey from Michabella Creations http://www.michabellacreations.blogspot.com/sent me a little note that I’ve been tagged. I’m suppose to list 7 things that you did not know about me. Then Tag 7 others, right?

1. I’m a “seer”. What’s that?
2. I’m an accountant.
3. I love photography.
4. I have 2 cats, Hay and Pukie
5. If I didn’t make jewelry. I would SEW!
6. I’m the 7th child, 4th daughter.
7. My Father died when I was 3.

Ok now who do I tag.
1. Rachel Capil Photography
2. Debbie
3. Lisa
4. Pansy
5. Tammy
6. Nina
7. Wendy

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