Jewelry Tuesday – Miriam Grafer

Welcome Miriam Grafer a fabulous jewelry designer who crochets her designs. I crochet with yarn, but man do I want to crochet with wire. Look at what she is kind enough to give away to our readers.

What inspired you to start creating jewelry? I have crocheted for so long that when I read about crocheting with wire, I knew I wanted to do something unusual

How long have you been making money selling your jewelry designs?About 1 year

Is jewelry designing your only business? Yes. ( I do have a couple of companies I do affiliate work by showing their sites).

Do you ever get in a slump in your creativity
? Yes, but I am on the boat and there is so much nature around me that it doesn’t last to long

What do you do to get out of it? Taking walks and just watching nature.

How do you sell your designs? Internet and house parties

Do you have a blog? Yes

What is the name of your blog? Wire Crochet with beads and semi-precious stones – Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Do you have a website? I use my blog as my website

Where do you advertise other than your website and blog? Ning sites and internet sites.

What are your future plans? Learn more about marketing

What advise would you like to share with other jewelry designers? You need to find something unusual and unique.

If you are interested in winning this beautiful necklace, leave a comment along with your email address. Winner will be chosen by random Thursday afternoon 1:00pm Pacific Time.

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