Jewelry Tuesday – Michelle Harvey-Michabella creations

Please help me welcome Michelle Harvey from Michabella Creations. You’re gonna love what she is giving away. I believe it is the very first time that a designer has done this piece of jewelry.

What inspired you to start creating jewelry?

I have always been interested in fashion. After receiving my B.A. in Visual & Apparel Merchandising, I worked for 6 years in the fashion/retail industry. I always wanted to have my own business, and after having my daughter, I decided to become a full-time mom. About a year later, I knew I needed something for myself. I taught myself how to create jewelry and became acquainted with a fellow jewelry designer. We decided to join forces and created Michabella Creations.

How long have you been making money selling your jewelry designs?

About 2 years now.

Is jewelry designing your only business?


Do you ever get in a slump in your creativity?

I certainly do.

What do you do to get out of it?

I step back for awhile. I go about my daily routine, and before I know it, I’m inspired to create something. I often see things when I’m out and about that gives me a spark. I am influenced greatly by nature and the seasons, which I’m fortunate enough to experience all of them!

How do you sell your designs?

We have a website and we also participate in craft shows throughout the year. That is where the bulk of our business comes from. We also do benefit shows in our area, where we donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations such as the Children’s Miracle Network and the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

Do you have a blog? Yes/No


What is the name of your blog?
Michabella Creations, The Crazy Life of a SAHM and Jewelry Designer.

Do you have a website? Yes/No


What is the name of your website?

Michabella Creations~ Handcrafted Jewelry at Affordable Prices

Where do you advertise other than your website and blog?

We have participated in the Valentine Gift Guide by IndieShopping, and the Spring & Summer Gift Guide by Indie Collective. We have advertised with Modish, Mixed Plate, and are joining the Trina & Friends community. We are always on the lookout for great places that fit in with our style.

What are your future plans?

To grow Michabella Creations into a recognized name in jewelry design. We would love to sell our designs in boutiques across the country and have a bigger presence in the internet world.

What advise would you like to share with other jewelry designers?

My advice would be to find your creative path and follow it. There are a lot of talented jewelry designers out there, and you have to be willing to stand by your designs. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to have a successful business. I find most of my time isn’t spent on designing jewelry, but networking and promoting myself on the internet. Don’t give up and allow yourself time to see things pay off.

Michelle Harvey

My giveaway item is a ring, so the winner can choose her size!

Post your comment for your chance to win this beautiful ring. Please leave your email address if you are not a member of Blogger so Michelle can contact you if you are the winner.
Contest ends Wednesday at 7:30pm pacific time. Good luck!


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