Jewelry Tuesday – Peggy Marzano

This week’s Jewelry Tuesday designer is Peggy Marzano – Peggy’s Beadwork.

What inspired you to start creating jewelry? I just decided to start making my own Jewelry to wear.

> How long have you been making money selling your jewelry designs? I started selling at a craft store in 2000. Sold more at a Craft show at a church & now on etsy.
>Is jewelry designing your only business? Yes
>Do you ever get in a slump in your creativity? Not really!
>What do you do to get out of it? I get more joy out of the Jewelry that I just created.
> How do you sell your designs? I haven’t sold my design yet.
>Do you have a blog? Yes/No Sometimes
>What is the name of your blog? I sometime have some on here on Jewelry Network as Peggys Beadwork
>Do you have a website? Yes/No Yes
> What is the name of your website?
> Where do you advertise other than your website and blog? on
> What are your future plans? I would like to know how to sell in boutiqic, Other places or department stores where they sell Jewelry.

>What advise would you like to share with other jewelry designers? All I can think of right now is Good Luck for your future designs that God Blessed us with a wonderful gift to create for all of our Customers.

Please leave a comment to enter to win Peggy’s beadwork Light Blue glass hummingbird earrings. Also make sure to leave your email address to contact you if you win. The contest ends Wednesday at 7:30pm pacific time.

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