The other day…

My friend W (we work together) told me that she was in the doctor’s office and she picked up this book, Pink Sky laying on the table in the lobby. Needless to say, while she was telling me the story I started to cry. It’s the story about a baby in utero talking about growing in the womb to be born, then to die. The mother wrote her story about losing her daughter. She wanted me to know about this woman’s blog so I could check it out.

Come to find out this woman lives down the street from my friend W. Even more bizarre then that, she lives right next door to Ws friend. A coincidence hmmm.
The cool thing is she wants to meet me. So we are going to hook up, have lunch. Stevie(the daughter is orchestrating this meeting. 😉
I believe that. Spirits come to me I don’t conjure them up. When they want to communicate they will buggg me until it springs out of my mouth. Then I have peace.

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