Image! Image! Image!

If you walked into my Jewelry site you wouldn’t get to meet me nor I, you. Just the photos of my designs with the best descriptions I can create. It’s hard to sell with out the one on one face to face communication. There is no touchy feely going on either that we women all love to do. Also you can’t try on anything either to see how it looks up close. All we have is the image we portray on a webpage.

We all know there are a zillion of us out here in cyberspace creating and selling jewelry. Many of them you have met here on my blog. It’s a whole different world from the world my designs were used to selling in. The home shows, warm and cozy, invite the friends you knew who loved jewelry.

When I first started out in cyberspace. I had my own hand created website with this logo and name. I was told that cyber-world couldn’t pronounce it and wouldn’t remember your name. I was sold that image image image was important in cyber-business. I changed my name, logo and website.

My regular customers visit my site on occasion. I get a few customers from the world of the internet. But it was still not what I dreamed it would be. I needed something else. I wanted someone to promote my business and I got her, Morgan McKean. She knows her business and has a lot of clients and even more connections.

This week she had me posted on Many of you commented on that site and I really appreciate it. I’m waiting patiently to find out who won my Genie in a Bottle necklace and earring set.

Today I was also posted here:
In September the necklace will be given away to her readers.

Also today House of Raquel was mentioned on the radio on South Florida’s “Buzz 103.1 ::: Heart, Buzz and Roll this Thursday at 8:00 am. Read more about why at
Click under Events – Party Goddess Friends.

I don’t know where this road is leading me, but I am getting the House of Raquel’s name out there. Exposure baby, want some of your own?

If you want more than you are getting now, I highly recommend her. It’s no secret I could not get this wide spread exposure on my own. I needed help! I want you to know I’m sharing, she is my secret. 🙂 But no longer she can be yours too.

Morgan McKean
Executive Director
Breathe Media Communications
30262 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite B-525
Laguna Beach, CA 92677

(t) 888.663.8999
(f) 949.276.8909

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