I welcome comments !

I’ve been doing a lot of free readings lately and have done so many in the past. I recently emailed as many people as I could remember to send me their comments about their readings. I really hope you do.

Readings will be by appointment only, please contact me at hija4@mac.com.

Thank you.


The first time I sat for a reading with Raquel I was very anxious, she sensed my apprehension and immediately put me at ease. The information she revealed to me during that sitting set forth a foundation for me to trust her and bring her further into my confidence in order to gather more information about important decisions in my life. Through the course of our association and readings, I have been able to overcome mental and emotional obstacles that were previously keeping me from reaching my goals and chart a course that is more akin to my desired results.

Morgan McKean
Executive Director, Morgan Blaire

I remembered a reading that you gave to a person I meet on line….she was scared of this health problem she was worry about….she had a doctors appointment coming up….but before you had the appointment she was really worried about and not getting any sleep….so I told her to email you so you can give her some insight..about her healthy problem…..she did email you and you told her that everything will be alright and dont worry……well when the doctors appoinment was over she was told by the doctor that the test was negative. And that she had nothing to worry about.

David Bernard
July 11, 2008 11:18 AM

Raquel amazing abilities, coupled with her tendered advice has become one of my must do`s when making a major corporate decision or something as small as seeking clarity. She is not a medium or a psychic. She is an intuitive. Her wisdom has help me so much.-anonymous

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