Jewelry Tuesday – Barbara Curran

This week I am fortunate to have Barbara Curran from Finders Keepers Jewelry. You’re gonna love her!

What inspired you to start a jewelry business?

I’ve always dabbled in making different types of handmade items and rented space in different marketplaces across the U.S. throughout the years. My goal was to make it a full-time business so when it was time to make a change in my corporate career, I decided I would give my “hobby” three years to see if I could make it a full-time business. I rented a small space in a local marketplace as well as in several other marketplaces in different states. I began to see that jewelry was selling quicker than any of my other merchandise so I began adding more and more until finally I was selling jewelry exclusively (with the exception of Christmas ornaments).

How long have you been in business?

Full time, a little over 4 years.

Where do you sell, do you have a shop?

I rent space in a local shop and also sell online as well as wholesale.

Do you have a blog/website Yes/No


What is the name of your blog/website

Website is I have a blog but it is currently being used for Shop for a Cure, it is

Where do you advertise other than your blog/website

1. In a bi-monthly e-newsletter sent to over 1,500 subscribers
2. My bank allows me to set up displays throughout the year.
3. Through fund-raisers

I’ve tried print advertising, but I haven’t had too much success with it. Most of my advertising is by word-of-mouth customer referrals.

What are your future plans?

1. I’m making a few strategic partnerships to offer a broader selection of products on the website ideally with companies that offer drop-shipping.

2. My goal is also to expand our wholesale business.

3. Increase awareness of Shop for a Cure by adding additional events. I participated in the Duke Children’s Hospital Celebrity Golf Classic last weekend, it was an amazing event. I was so touched and inspired that I am now volunteering to help them with their annual Teddy Bear Ball.

What advice would you like to give others thinking of starting a business.

If it is a brick and mortar shop, take the saying “Location, Location, Location” to heart…I cannot stress that enough. For me it was finding my niche as far as product line, I spent thousands of dollars testing different product lines that didn’t sell. For any business, whether it is e-commerce, retail, or service nothing beats the power of networking. Join groups like Divapreneur, local networking groups, team up with or volunteer for your favorite charity, establish cross marketing ventures, attend Chamber of Commerce events, and build relationships with wonderful supportive women like Raquel from House of Raquel who will promote you! :o) I love you, Raquel!!!!

I love you too, Barbara!
Ok now you have a chance to win this fabulous bracelet. Let Barbara know why you want it. Leave your email so we can reach you if you win. Winner chosen by on Wednesday at 7:30pm Pacific Time.

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