Saturday at the Shoreline.

Shoreline Amphithreatre – Saturday June 7, 2008 We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I wasn’t exactly sure how the day was going to happen. I just knew I was going to see Jason play at the Shoreline. I got a ride with Jason and Kate. We got there around 10ish. The band was required to be early. They had a sound check at 11am. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. A gorgeous day to be outside listening to great music.
Jason and Kate. Staying out of the sun relaxing before they perform in a tent behind the stage. There were two couches with a table. Also a large cooler with water for the stage performers.

Luke, Lindsey, Brandt the Bass player. It was quite warm in the sun. Luke the singer of the Federalists on the phone.

The stage before the show started. They opened the doors at 11am. Bottom left Chris, the keyboardist for the Federalists.

Jason the guitarist, my son. One of the last pictures I took with my camera. Battery dead.

The band performing at 2008 Live 105 BFD. I took this picture with my iphone. Check The Federalists myspace to see where you can hear them LIVE!

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