Recently I was on vacation in Hawaii. Wow it was gorgeous there.

I had a very relaxing time enjoying the beauty of the island of Hawaii. We visited many sites and I took lots of pictures. Most of you have seen all of them including all the blurry ones.
We return on Saturday night and I have one day to adjust to the time difference before I go back to work on Monday. When I arrive at work my desk has piles of paperwork and felt like turning around and leaving. I sat at my desk, stayed off Yahoo I.M. and got to work. By Thursday my workload was pretty close to caught up and I was able to turn on Yahoo I.M. My friends one at a time began to say hey!
When Friday came I was so excited for the weekend. I made it through the week. The week after the awesome time I had in Hawaiiiiiiiii.

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

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