Do you get any vibes?

I get this question alot? Another question, “Can you tell me? or  “Do you see anyone around me?” People who know about me will share that Uncle Bill just passed away. Can you see him?

It is part of who I am. But not all of who I am. I “see”. Doesn’t everyone? Sure but they call it a coincidence or a wierd experience.

You may label it anything you would like, I call myself a “Seer”. I see and feel your energy and energies around you.  I don’t need to talk to you or see you in person in order to do this. I actually prefer using Yahoo IM. I can do it face to face or on the phone. I get images in my head or hear words.

It’s a very interesting and amazing gift and I know many do not believe and that is okay. I don’t believe in a lot of stuff either. I am not here to prove to you or convince you. I am only here to share with you and vice of versa.

For those that know me and would like to share our story. I invite you to do so. If you would prefer to share your story but remain anonymous that is okay too. No rules!

One thought on “Do you get any vibes?

  1. Hello, Raquel Amaral,

    I’ve had a few experiences similar to yours, but I mostly pick up on energies rather than visions. Quite often, negative energies come through right away and these people are visibly uncomfortable with me because they are afraid that I’m “reading” them.

    I believe very much in your gift. There is a woman here who does “Angel Messages” and sees pictures, hears songs and words, etc. She holds a fair with workshops several times a year and does the messages in groups. She has given me messages several times and one in particular was so powerful that I broke down in tears. The message was from my mother and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

    Although you haven’t read for me yet, I pick up your authenticity and soothing yet strong energies. I’ve met quite a few people, mainly online, who are not genuine and are taking advantage of people. You are definitely not one of them and I highly recommend your services.


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