Show Season

Before I had my website I sold my jewelry designs in customer’s homes. I would book jewelry shows and offer the hostess 10% of the shows net sales towards her purchases. The hostess sests a date and invites all her friends usually on I get included on the evite and then the excitement begins. One after another I will receive an email, confirming the invitation and will attend.

I get to her home an hour before the set time and set up. I bring tables and displays and of course my jewelry. My sister Jennie helps me. We take out all the jewelry out of the plastic bags and quickly lay it all out. The hostess and maybe one or two friends anxiously follow me to see my latest designs.

I provide little baskets with index cards for my customers to fill out. Name, address, website address and also a little box where they can check if they would like to host a House of Raquel show.

After the show ends I add up the receipts and let the hostess know what her net sales were so she is ready to check out. They usually have a basket full of goodies too.

This year along with updating my website with last years left over inventory. I’m getting ready for the regular home shows.

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