Jewelry Tuesday – Designer Lynn Thomas

What inspired you to start creating jewelry?
Jewelry has always been a family business. Beginning with my great, great grandfather, my family has always focused on quality jewelry & customer service. Having grown up in the diamond industry and studying with Gemological Institute of America (GIA); my ex-husband and I opened our own very successful diamond jewelry business. As a result of a divorce I chose the home and my children over business and found myself starting from scratch. I chose to venture into Sterling Silver and unique gemstones to offer a more affordable line of jewelry and opened “Lasting Impressions”. My vision is to offer gorgeous jewelry that is unique and reasonably priced. With the explosion of the Internet & the World Wide Web I opened Lady Lynn’s Boutique to provide women around the world with stunning designer jewelry without the ridiculous jewelry store or boutique markup. My well developed sense of fashion comes from my mother who was a model in New York City. She instilled in me at an early age, how to use jewelry to enhance your outfit & create a unique presence without following the pack.
How long have you been making money selling your jewelry designs?
Since 1974
Is jewelry designing your only business?
While I am not a jewelry designer, I am often sought after to be a jewelry or wardrobe ADVISOR, specializing in creating designer looks and transforming the familiar with the boldly elegant choices I offer at Lady Lynn’s Boutique.
Do you ever get in a slump in your creativity?
I find inspiration in everything from clothing styles, personality types, nature and try to match each piece of jewelry to the individual client. I rarely experience a lack of creativity.
What do you do to get out of it?
The satisfaction of seeing my clients truly satisfied with their purchase and the fulfillment of knowing that I played a small part in assisting them in making the perfect selection.

How do you sell your designs?
I feature my jewelry at numerous Gem and Jewelry Shows and my website.
Do you have a blog? Yes/No
What is the name of your blog?
Do you have a website? Yes/No

What is the name of your website?
Lady Lynn’s Boutique
Where do you advertise other than your website and blog?
Yahoo, Google, social networking sites like Divapreneur
What are your future plans?
I plan on partnering with other entrepreneurs who provide goods and services that will benefit my clients. I am in the process of expanding my website to include a larger selection of elegantly bold selection of sterling silver gemstone jewelry.
What advice would you like to share with other jewelry designers?
Dream Big! Keep in mind that each individual customer is unique and each purchase is important to you client.

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