Pansy LD VanMeter Aka: The Muse – DP’s Community Relations Director (Motivator! ) Board Member Designer/Programmer’s Blog

She is known to many of us as a wonderful inspiring friend. She can draw. There was a contest on Divapreneur and I was the winner. She asked me what I wanted for a prize. I said, let’s have a tea party. The next morning, Wala! a tea party.

She is an extraordinary Poet! She writes poetry off the top of her head. To read her poetry check out her website at
Here is a poem she wrote for me:

“Given To Raquel”

Unto ourselves we need be true…

Baring our hearts and souls…

And nurturing our youth…

Peel away the masks…

And lay bare the tender truths…

What makes us who we are…

Should be glorified…


And sung unto the stars!

She is also a talented web designer. But make your own decision, go to her website. You will agree. You will fall in love with the music, horses and the unicorn. My favorite is that tree, and the falling leaves. I imagine myself sitting underneath enjoying a picnic with her. She is amusing. I go to her site to relax and get grounded.

Ok if you thought that wasn’t enough, there is more. She also designs blogs.

Wow look at the design of this blog! I just love the color combinations and the swirls! If you are in need of poetry, a website or a blog. She is available! Please contact her at:

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