Jewelry Tuesday – Amy Lilley

I would like to introduce another fabulous Diva, Amy Lilley for my Jewelry Tuesday Interview.

What inspired you to start creating jewelry?

It was a trip to Martha’s Vineyard about 14 years ago. We went into a bead shop, and something sparkly caught my eye, and I thought that it would make a beautiful earring. I was hooked from that moment on!

How long have you been making money selling your jewelry designs?

I have been making money selling my jewelry designs from that point on. That trip to the Vineyard was a pivotal moment in my life. Over the years the designs have become more refined, and I have certainly grown as a jewelry designer. It really is like a huge puzzle. Any jewelry maker can tell you that over the years they have collected thousands of baubles. With your personal touch, vision and knowledge of your materials, it all comes together at the right time to form a beautiful piece of jewelry! With the advent of the home computer, there is so much more information, access to materials and, yes, even inspiration to be found on the web.

Is jewelry designing your only business?

I recently opened a second Etsy shop for my photographs. I LOVE taking photographs and have found that with digital pictures, I can get the details, and then some, that I always have always seen in my mind’s eye, but could never achieve with the cameras that I was using. I am also a Fine Artist. That is the base of the jewelry making and the photography. I have been painting since was 3 years old and have had a wonderful education in the field of Fine Arts. I take all of that training with me to the table when making earrings or taking photographs.

Do you ever get in a slump in your creativity?

Yes, absolutely.

What do you do to get out of it?

Well, I write in the mornings before I press on with the day and as long as I see those pages turning, and books being filled up, the exercise of writing is very helpful. I think that mostly, there is a tremendous amount of discipline involved in making jewelry because it is so tedious. So, I just have to sit down and DO IT! Sometimes, pulling out some paints or colored pencils and playing breaks the slump. I am a gardener, and I am so glad that it is spring, because gardening is one of the most creative things I have ever done!

How do you sell your designs?

I have some ‘regular’ customers (love them) and I have a shop on Etsy. I also do craft shows and sell my designs there.

Do you have a blog? Yes/No


What is the name of your blog?

Amy Lilley Designs

Do you have a website? Yes/No


What is the name of your website?

I have 2, one for the jewelry, Amy Lilley Designs,

and one for the photography, Amy Lilley Photography,

Where do you advertise other than your website and blog?

I have been published in the Etsy ‘Handbook to Handmade’, Volume 3 and will be published in the upcoming ‘Handbook to Handmade’, Volume 6. Tim Adam is the brainchild of this endeavor. Monthly, 35 artists from around the world can show off their craft in this coffee table gorgeous publication! I am also on other web sites, like Divapreneur, just to mention one!

What are your future plans?

My future plans, gosh, that’s a good question. My main goal, in life in general, is to continue to grow. That covers a number of areas, spiritually, as a wife and mother of a teenage son, and certainly as an artist! The rest, will all fall into place. I am certain of that!

Any advice for other jewelry designers that you would like to share?

Yes, I would say, stick with it, try new things, move the pieces of the puzzle around that you may not have tried before and you might be pleasantly surprised. Talk to other artists, look at lots of pictures, go to museums, be true to whom you are. We all have a unique style, believe in you!

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