Tag you’re it!


This is going to be fun!!!

Here are six of my ‘quirks’

1. I don’t really like avocados, quacamole and people can not believe it.
2. I have to watch the Young and the Restless everyday.
3. My laptop and I have a love bond.
4. If I were ever in a coma, send in my son Jason to play the guitar and sing to me.
5. I was bit by a dog on the mouth when I was in the ninth grade. I am afraid of dogs now.
6. I only wear House of Raquel jewelry ever since I’ve been in my jewelry business.

I’m tagging…

1. KDC Events
2. A Divas Hammer
3. White Iris Design
4. Big Girls Don’t Cry Shop
5. Pink Pooch Designs

The rules are as follows:

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* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of your’s
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Have fun!