Jewelry Tuesday – Lisa Rivera, Parisio

This Jewelry Tuesday I am honored to interview Lisa Rivera from Parisio.

What inspired you to start creating jewelry?
My Inspiration to create jewelry came from an unexpected trip to Miami. During that time of my life I felt as though I were going thru this crisis of not having found my true passion in life. When I arrived at Miami and saw how beautiful the ocean was, the vibrant colors that surrounded me and getting a glimpse of all the fabulous Jewelry the woman were wearing. I felt as if I had had an epitome! Something inside of me clicked, I had this urge to want to come back home and create. It was as if I almost wanted to bring a little piece of Miami back home with me.

How long have you been making money selling your jewelry designs?
It started shortly after I discovered my passion. So I would say maybe around 1 month or so. It was more on and off for me. I do have my dry spells and some months I don’t do so well.

Is jewelry designing your only business?
Jewelry designing is my only HOME business but I also work for a Medical Company as a Customer Service Rep full time.

Do you ever get in a slump in your creativity?

What do you do to get out of it?
I take a moment and look at all the things I have made thus far and I remember when there was a time that I hadn’t found my true passion in life. It’s when I look at something I created that makes me say “wow” I made this, god blessed with the gift of creativity. So by reminding myself of that it helps me to get over my slump.

How do you sell your designs?
At first it was all word of mouth than I decided why not online. So to start off small and to test the waters I decided to put my items on a free marketplace to see how well it would do. The name of my site is still not decided so what I use in my marketplace is not set in stone. I haven’t yet decided what to call it. In the meantime I’m working on trying to get all my ducks in a row to get my very own website going. I’m also just starting out so I have not been able to explore all of my possibilities, slowly but surely I am learning to get there.

Do you have a blog? Yes/No

What is the name of your blog?

Do you have a website? Yes/No

What is the name of your website?

Where do you advertise other than your website and blog?
I usually advertise on Craigslist, send emails out to my friends and word of mouth.

What are your future plans?
Id really like to expand on my business, I like to sew as well and I want to make my own bags, coin purses and wallets. I also want to sell all other types of accessories. Eventually I would really like to see my website growing and be well known to others.

What advise could you offer other jewelry designers or women?
To stick with it! The hardest part is starting but once you get going and your heart is 100% invested in it you will always find ways to make it work for you. I am a mother of 2 and even though I have days were I feel so tired and feel I can’t do anything. I still take at least 30 minutes to somehow get my self involved in some part of my business most days it’s a whole lot more time than that. You also have to BELIEVE in your product, because if you don’t believe in it you won’t be able to convince others to believe in it. Don’t let anyone tell you that your dream is not possible, and never let the smallest obstacles get in your way.

Thank you Lisa for allowing me to interview for my Jewelry Tuesday Blog. Stay tune for next Tuesday.

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