Saturday mornin


Make it a day full of giving! I’m going to give my time to my Mom this afternoon. Busy during the week working at the office and then in the evening working on my House of Raquel. I don’t have much spare time. Who wants to do housework on a gorgeous Saturday morning, not me. I need a maid!

After my mom’s visit I went with my sister to watch her grandson play ball. We all enjoy getting together to watch him play. He has been playing in little league for a few years. We’re a group of 10 sometimes more. He really enjoys it also.

We all got together after for pizza. Later My older son and I went to watch Jason and The Federalists play at Blake’s in Berkeley. Unfortunately none of the pictures of the band were focused enough to share. Here is one of my son, his girlfriend and muah.

Luke Franks – Singer

Brandt Walker (center) Bass