Guest Blogger – Ms. Pansy V

Today I am blogging especially for my very good friend Raquel, whose jewelry, we all know and love, can be found at the Royal House of Raquel! (OK, yes I added the Royal part…but it simply seems to fit, doesn’t it?)

Some of you may know me only as The Muse…that beguiling, enthralling, empowering, intoxicating, and all encompassing Diva…Oh, I am that, but, I am so much more! So, as a special favor to a special friend, I hope to give you a better, albeit small, glimpse into the mind and psyche of Pansy, the Design Diva and my inner Muse.

I have, so I’ve been told, a sharp wit, and razor sharp tongue…(that sounds a bit like a description of a kitchen knife, but there is a compliment in there, I know). Family, friends and acquaintances, have also pointed out to me several other points worth noting:

1. I appear to have the need to have the last word.

I personally do not understand the impact of this fact, as I have long since come to the determination that there is ALWAYS more to say. There is absolutely no way a topic can be over, I mean think about if you…(what?…oh…Raquel says I need to move on). Really!

2. I deem sleep as the weapon of last resort.

Although I have never technically been diagnosed by a professional sleep expert, as being an insomniac…if you would turn to page 475 in the Webster’s dictionary….right there…i…in….inso…yes, right there…that’s me.

3. Without a pen, pencil or a stick I would die.

There is hardly a brief second of time that I am not creating…I draw and write on anything and everything! I have even used body parts, my own and others (that is completely new topic which requires all readers to show appropriate age ids)…I have used sticks and drawn in the sand, dirt and mud…I have wrote in dust…(not at my own home…the cottage is immaculate (moving on..))…I have etched in the snow….(not like that, take your mind from the gutter…(OK I have…but it is not a lady-like conversation, so, again moving on)…Aha, but there was a day I had nothing!!! No pen, no marker, no stick…zip-ailch-nada. I am 100% certain that this was the pivotal moment that evoked my stroke. A catastrophic event in my life which has done nothing but make even more determined to accomplish goals by the dozens…and at the very least to carry a pen on my person at all times.

4. I can’t cook.

This, statement really depends on what your definition of the word edible means, (let’s just leave it that, final word being mine-shall we).

5. I can dream.

Yes, when sleep comes, I do dream…but I dream even when I am awake…Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts…glorious, awe-inspiring thoughts! My brain is always on a cataclysmic rush to the next great creation! (it’s sort of like the rush you get on a roller coaster, you know, the wooden kind where you can hear all the squeaks and creaks, and the crunching of the beams as you whirl by, at lighting speed…just like that).

So now you have some insight into Me…am I more Muse than Pansy, or am I more Pansy than Muse?

Go ahead and answer…but trust me, it won’t be the last word 🙂

Thank you Ms. Pansy V

If you would love to read more from my Friend Ms. Pansy V check out her blog at:

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