Jon Bon Jovi

I gave my sister two tickets for her birthday in January to see Jon Bon Jovi. She asked me who the other ticket was for? I laughed and replied, ME!
Last night was the day of his show. We sat in the center section on the floor in the 25th row. I was so excited to see him I was ready to go the day before. I had my husband drive me to work on Monday. I stashed my overnight bag in my office overnight cause I was a day early.

I got off work an hour early. My sister Jennie and I drove to San Jose. Checked into our hotel room, got ready, got a bite to eat. Walked a few blocks to the concert with tons of other fans.

Fabulous show. I love the music, I loved the band, I really enjoyed Richie Sambora’s guitar. Wow!
Jon Bon Jovi appeared in the center floor real close to us and sang one of our favorite songs, Make a Memory. I cried.

What was really enjoyable about this concert besides the music was the fans were all about the same age hahaha as my sister and me. I guess we never get tired of listening to the music we rocked with when we were in high school.

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