I just spoke to KKDV, KKIQ radio station here in the Diablo Valley and we are working together to come up with the best way to advertise my Art Gallery in Concord.

Just know this will be on the Radio and online on their website. I want the public coming into my first Art Gallery Opening.

If you are an Artist and want to get seen, click on the tab Studio/Art Gallery. Fill out the entry form and email it with photos of your art.

I’m excited!!!

Dreams come true

After a few months of imagining that I have my own Art Gallery. I can say that I do in fact have my own Art Gallery. It’s an office space in down town Concord, CA. It’s across the street from Rockin Robbie’s East Bay Music on Colfax. There’s a hair salon and a Do or Dye Tat shop is a few doors down.

I originally looked at office space by Water World but spaces were smaller or larger from too much money.

I already got the keys and I’m so excited. Now I’m looking for Artists. I have plenty of paintings to fill up the space, but really want to show Local Artist’s paintings too. If you live in the area or know someone that is an artist, tell them to email me.

March 11 extended to April 8th.

Deadline to enter for this show is February 28th.



Studio/Art Gallery

I recently walked into an office building to meet with Janine at Face Bar in Concord, CA. She kindly took me in at 5:45pm on Tuesday Jan 24th to remove my eyelashes.

While this procedure was being done she told me that this was her after retirement job and that she retired from AAA. While she was working she had went to an Aesthetician for a facial. She loved how it made her feel and thought she could do this.  I asked her did she like her space in this office building? She said that she was in the space next door but wanted a little bit bigger space. So that’s when I asked her how much she paid for rent?

Oh boy I thought to myself I could afford to pay that! So it has begun my hunt for office space. Originally looked at the space next door to Janine but my husband said that for what I wanted that space was to small. They have another space 260 sq ft; I had the manager email me the lease. I read it last night and I’m perplexed by the tenant’s insurance paragraph. Luckily I have a friend who works for an insurance company. I am having lunch with her tomorrow and I will have her read it. How much many will this cost me?

So I’m passionate about art. I’m passionate about photography. I’m passionate about making jewelry. I also love Mary Kay products. I want my own Studio/Art Gallery.

I’ve been dreaming about having a shop. I’m ready to take action. I’m not ready to retire. But why not get jump in and get my feet wet to see if I could make a living doing what I love.




My art and photography website

I like this site because I can protect my pictures if and when I want too. Also I needed a public place to share photos of family and friends other than my Shutterfly’s account.

I like this site because I can create galleries within folders to keep it organized unlike my fine art America site.

Also Lightroom has an app to upload automatically to SmugMug so after I’m done editing wala I can publish my album to SmugMug. I can protect photos and setup cover photo for each gallery.

It allows anyone to share your photo to Facebook, twitter, Flickr, but not Instagram. I wish I could add a landing page, I’ll need to do some research about that.


Writing for me isn’t something that comes easy. I’m better expressing myself with my camera eye and with my paint brush.

I love using my camera to capture where I am.

img_0433Here in Portland comfy and cozy in my hotel room. Looking down on the street below. The temps were in the 20s. The street was icy and I was so afraid that I was going to slip and fall. Portland has a fantastic book store, Powell. If you’re ever there visit it.


To see more of my photography go to


Mama de Luna Art Gallery located at 702 2nd Ave, Crockett, CA will have my art on their walls until February 4th.
I have 7 acrylic paintings for their Metamorphosis theme. On the opening day I was very excited to see my Art on the wall in the gallery alongside paintings by other artists. It was really a dream come true.

On the same day I went to the aRt Cottage in Concord where I have another painting hanging on the wall inside there.


I can say that I’m an Artist and I only sign my paintings once they sell. Both galleries get a commission if the paintings sell while they are in their gallery. Once the month is over I will go pick up my paintings. I look forward to showing my art in galleries everywhere. I have so many paintings in my house I could fill an entire gallery all myself.



Art Gallery

I’ve been sharing/posting  my paintings on instagram a lot recently. I get more feedback from followers than I did from my Facebook page. Maybe it’s from using the hashtags or because it’s  a different social culture. Who knows?

About three weeks ago, I received a comment from an Art Gallery on one of my painting’s post, it went something like this, “We are opening a new Gallery and think this painting could be shown at it, if you’re interested DM us.” While I was so excited about this, I accidentally deleted the comment. But I got the name of the Gallery and oh ya I sent them a message. What do I need to do?  They sent me an application, which I completed and sent back.

Last week I got the great news that I can submit Seven of my paintings at Mama de Luna Art Gallery Opening Reception for ”Metamorphosis” themed show on January 7th at 4pm – 7pm 702 2nd Ave. Crockett, CA

 Prior to posting a picture of this painting that received the comment, it was the first time I sketched on paper than onto canvas. Never did that before and guess what? My second sketch on paper than to canvas was even a better one, darn too bad it won’t be in the opening reception.

But I got the Art Gallery bug now, so watch out!