Love horses. I’ve never ridden one and don’t desire too. But their energy is so calm and loving.
I drive to the park during my lunch and pass a field where two horses are in their stables. Once parked I eat my lunch and take a walk.
My horses love to talk and pose for the camera.horse1



I loved how the blond horse came up to the fence to greet and chat awhile. There is a sign that says “Do not feed the horses” I wanted to pet him.
horse 4

I look forward to visiting them again and again.

Can you feel their love energy?


I walked around the Lafayette Reservoir yesterday. It was such a beautiful spring day and it’s only February 21st. Lots of other people were out walking and enjoying the day too. The walk was 3.7+- miles up and down. Really good exercise for heart, body and spirit.
lafayette reservoir

The storks were large!

One flew overhead while we were walking. I took my camera along and after about a mile I wish I left it behind. But I hurried up and got this shot. IMG_4901

Here was a beautiful place to take a rest but we kept on walking.IMG_4900

I was happy that we made it back to the car and I could still walk. I haven’t done that walk in a few years and about 20lbs lighter. I actually wasn’t in any pain as I remembered from the last time I walked it. It must be because I ride my elliptical bike each night for about 15 minutes.

I look forward to walking again, who wants to come with me?


Morning people it is Saturday and I’m having my coffee in bed. It was a four day work week and last night I was tired. I got home and my husband went to our favorite Mexican restaurant to pick up dinner. It was yum but lukewarm. I didn’t complain. We celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary quietly and look forward to lots more. I couldn’t imagine life without him.

I am

Free to create. I am a creator. I wish to sell but its not my deepest desire. I love creating.
I have three facebook pages, The other side of me which I began in 2011. I have 140,xxx likers. I share the spiritual side of me. The psychic, seer, seeker of truth side. It’s not a religious page at all. I have no religion. I do believe in God, Goddess, Creator, Iam, Universe, Source. Lately I use my Art to inspire on this page. Who needs to be told how to believe. I leave that to the media and churches, etc. I question my beliefs, thoughts, and actions on this page. If you like it let me know.

I created my FB page The House of Raquel even before my The other side of me page, and the reason I joined FB in the first place to sell my Jewelry, hija4 designs. It was dormant for awhile as my passion to create fades and fuels with Art. I recently created a website for my jewelry, House of Raquel which is linked on this page.

My 3rd FB page Raquel Amaral is where I share my drawings, paintings and ipad creations. Of course I have a website linked here to, Raquel Amaral I love this site for selling my canvas acrylic paintings, putting my ipad art on canvas and my photography, art on greeting cards.




I don’t watch tv and I don’t read the news. I have no need or desire to abuse my Spirit with the energy of FEAR. Write on!

House of Raquel

The name of my jewelry line, House of Raquel. I finished taking pictures of all the recent designs I made in the last few weeks. I posted them in a store that you can visit while on my FB page, House of Raquel. My jewelry website is House of Raquel.
I find myself checking out women’s ears. Wear beaded jewelry, don’t wear beaded jewelry. Wear crystal jewelry, don’t wear crystal jewelry. Long, or short. I love earrings! That’s what I’m focusing on in my line for awhile.
The Holidays are coming shining lights!

Sunday morning

I have no plans and so I get to write, make jewelry, take photos and post them on FB, etsy maybe, here; might try an app. I’ve been seeing it on FB. Would you look at my jewelry from an app on your phone? hmmm


Saturday aww

Happy weekend. I look forward to being around with no plans really. Meeting a friend for lunch and then whatever.
I’m founding that I can draw and make jewelry and sell Mary Kay (but only to people that know I sell it.) Creating jewelry is something that my hands enjoy and my ears love to wear.
My hands also enjoy drawing and finger painting on my ipad and I get many comments (feedback) on my fb pages. I suppose that is encouragement. I didn’t get verbal encouragement growing up with anything really. Perhaps that is why when my Sister said make jewelry, I started again. IMG_1498





I don’t know what I’ll be creating this weekend. Its nice to have no plans.


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