House of Raquel

The name of my jewelry line, House of Raquel. I finished taking pictures of all the recent designs I made in the last few weeks. I posted them in a store that you can visit while on my FB page, House of Raquel. My jewelry website is House of Raquel.
I find myself checking out women’s ears. Wear beaded jewelry, don’t wear beaded jewelry. Wear crystal jewelry, don’t wear crystal jewelry. Long, or short. I love earrings! That’s what I’m focusing on in my line for awhile.
The Holidays are coming shining lights!

Sunday morning

I have no plans and so I get to write, make jewelry, take photos and post them on FB, etsy maybe, here; might try an app. I’ve been seeing it on FB. Would you look at my jewelry from an app on your phone? hmmm


Saturday aww

Happy weekend. I look forward to being around with no plans really. Meeting a friend for lunch and then whatever.
I’m founding that I can draw and make jewelry and sell Mary Kay (but only to people that know I sell it.) Creating jewelry is something that my hands enjoy and my ears love to wear.
My hands also enjoy drawing and finger painting on my ipad and I get many comments (feedback) on my fb pages. I suppose that is encouragement. I didn’t get verbal encouragement growing up with anything really. Perhaps that is why when my Sister said make jewelry, I started again. IMG_1498





I don’t know what I’ll be creating this weekend. Its nice to have no plans.

I love Fridays

I want to stay home. But off to work I go. I enjoy the energy Friday brings.
This weekend I’m having lunch with a friend. Then home to create.





My name and my jewelry line. What does it mean? 4th daughter.



I’m gonna have a hija4 show at my house.

Another day

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

I went to work. Busy day. I went to the park; but I really wanted to go to Richards a arts and crafts store similiar to Michaels in Alamo. I need silver wire to make earrings. But then I wouldn’t be able to walk my mile. Walking everyday is important to me.
We changed the clocks back Sunday morning and now it’s getting dark early. I drive home from work with my lights on. I wish we didn’t have to fall back.
I had to turn the heater on in the house when I got home. I don’t like cold weather.

Hello my name is Raquel

But, You do not know me if you do not know The other side of me.


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