Hello my name is Raquel

But, You do not know me if you do not know The other side of me.

It all began…

and here I am. Contact me!


Garage Sale

I’m clearing out my old inventory of hija4 jewelry on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/houseofraquel.
Come by and check it out. Lots of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are reduced to a actually garage sale in your neighborhood prices.


and I paint on canvas now. For a few years I’ve been painting on my ipad. Sell Art Online “Breathe”
Art Prints “Lady”
Sell Art Online “Om”
I love creating.

Have i pad

have a draw pad! I let my fingers do the drawing and I will sometime use the adonit stylus pen.
Sell Art Online

I do most of my drawings in the evening after I get ready to go to bed. I find it very relaxing after my work day. I never know what I’m drawing until I’m almost done with it.
Art Prints

I like to combine colors that take your mind for a Joyride.

Art Prints
Let’s tell a story, a fairytale. Little Ella believes in magic and she finds a fairy in her backyard.

Art Prints

Come ride with me in my hot air balloon to lands undiscovered with our imagination as our guides.

Art Prints

We can discover the butterfly world together.

She is so cute

and she is 3 months old; my kitty Mama Gato. She is named after my Mom who passed away this last March. My husband used to call my Mom, Mama Gato. She’d had been sick and would get better until she died.
My kitty was born 4 days before my Mom passed away. I love cats. Mama Gato loves to bite me. She also thinks she is a rat/mouse she climbs up my legs like I’m the cat pole.

Mama Gato - April 17th 6 weeks old

Mama Gato – April 17th 6 weeks old

We took her to get her shots at 8 weeks old and she weighed 1 lb and 8 oz. She recently went to the vet and she weighed 3 lbs at 3 months. So she is still a kitten and I’m so happy to have her.
May 29th 2013 Mama Gato sitting in my odds and end boxes on my jewelry design table.

May 29th 2013
Mama Gato sitting in my odds and end boxes on my jewelry design table.

She sits near me where ever I am in the house. She is an inside cat. For her sake and ours. I don’t want to her to get fleas, get birds, get lost.
June 4th

June 4th

This cat loves to play peek a boo and hide and seek. She makes me laugh while I’m trying to put my make up on.
June 12th

June 12th

She’s peeking out from underneath my laptop tray. All the photos were taken with my iphone. She doesn’t really like it and quickly moves. So I have to be fast to get her picture.
I’m glad I have my little black kitty.

I buy

My own photography because I’m my biggest fan now.

(since my Mom died.)
I found my passions; I wear my own jewelry designs, share my photography and my art. My office walls show off both.

Have you put your photography on canvas or metal?

I don’t have any windows in my office so I can’t grow plants so I love photos with flowers.

Have you put your photography on birthday cards for a dear friend? I love doing that too.

Be sure to smile with your favorite people every time you see them and take a photo of the two of you.


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